Activities (CEBU)

In Cebu every Tuesday a social service program is conducted by AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team). If there is any emergency, then we serve the people of that place. For example, we recently served the victims of fire in Lo’oc, Mandaue City. If there is no emergency, then we serve any impoverished community which is reasonably close to the Ananda Marga Jagriti (yoga center) in Barangay Guadalupe. So, these regular programs are usually in Capitol Site or Guadalupe.

Our programs prioritize children, providing them not only with food, but also with psychologically uplifting activities. These have included games, singing, dancing, drawing, music playing, and meditative chanting.

The number of people served each week is generally between 60 to 100, but when there are emergencies, our beneficiaries may be a much higher number. In Lo’oc we prepared food for 150 people, including the elderly.

We are presently making plans for Seed Mapping and Community Garden programs. These will be done together with the CAFE-I organization, with the likelihood of support from other organizations as well. Details will be explained when we complete planning and actually start any of these programs.

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