Teacher Training

The Ananda Marga Teacher Training program offers a scientific, systematic and modern approach to Yoga studies and research. The aim is to give the student a complete foundation in the physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects of Yoga science.

You will learn:

  1. Yoga History
  2. Yoga Science
  3. Yoga Anatomy, Physiology, and Bio Psychology
  4. Yogic Lifestyle and Practices
  5. Teaching Methodology and Professional Ethics
  6. Yoga Philosophy


Ananda Marga Cebu Teacher Training is partnered with Ananda Marga Yoga Academy in Singapore. Here are some testimonials from the Singapore program:

Letitia Chang (from Singapore, 2014 intake)

I was looking to learn and understand yoga beyond those years of yoga gym memberships signed and renewed. And I am grateful that one year later (upon completing the course), I can officially conclude this course was the best choice made.
From anatomy, history, philosophy, creativity to yogic treatments and more, the Ananda Marga Academy’s course structure is methodically and faultlessly put together. I felt that the flow of course comfortably prepares me for progressive learning in the later stages. Therefore, I advocate this course for both individuals with minimum yoga knowledge or someone with yoga experience who like to look for deeper personal development.
Most importantly, I have learnt intellectually and spiritually from these sincere teachers, who are practical experts themselves. They share inspiring yoga knowledge and enriching experiences as Acaryas (yoga monks/nuns). They also constantly encourage a comfortable, reflective and mindful learning in our classroom. Last but not least, the friendships shared in the classroom has been heart-warming. This course has awaken my awareness that Yoga is beyond the mat, it develops you in a wholesome manner. If this is what you are looking for, this course is what you will get and more!


Lee Soon Keng (from Singapore,  2011 Intake)

Although I’ve been taking yoga since 1988,  I’ve never thought of going further than practising it as a form of exercise and relaxation until I took yoga classes at Ananda Marga in 2004. The asanas, or yoga postures, are simple and yet their benefits on both the physical and mental aspects are plentiful. I had wanted to train in the Raja Dhi Raja Yoga to become a teacher but at that time they did not have any yoga teacher training courses. It is only in 2011, their 4th intake, that I am able to commit time to the 10-month Diploma Course.

The course is an eye-opener. It encompasses not only asanas and meditation,  but also yogic philosophy,  history,  creativity (what a surprise!) and an overall holistic way of living. It also opened my eyes to new scientific concepts. It teaches practicality and adaptability. It teaches inner calmness and reflectivity. The camaraderie and friendship made in class is an additional plus. Not only does the course have local teachers but also highly knowledgeable guest teachers from overseas. It is a course that I highly recommend to someone who is interested in yoga,  even if one does not intend to teach.


Alma Arcelia Gonzalez Lozano (from Mexico, 2010 Intake)

My experience as a student of the Certificate in Yoga Science, Practice & Lifestyle at Ananda Marga Yoga Academy has been extremely enriching. Not only have I gained control over my mind and body, but I have also developed an understanding of universal spiritual truths that, in turn, have contributed enormously to my personal development and fulfillment.
What I enjoyed most about the course is the fact that students are able to put all the acquired knowledge into practice. Indeed, the course is very hands-on and, as such, it goes beyond textbook theories, concepts and principles in order to allow students to experience yoga as it is: a physical, mental and spiritual discipline that expands awareness and brings health and joy to the life of the practitioner.
After taking the course I find myself to be healthier and happier. As an added benefit I am also lighter! But, more importantly, my perspective on life has expanded and I am now able to relate to everything that happens in my life and in the world. Therefore, I have no doubt that this course can be of great help to anyone intending to broaden their horizons and improve their quality of life.


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