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Located in Pagsabungan, Mandaue City, Ananda Marga Wellness Center was originally conceived to help the majority of people in the Philippines who are poor and whose health situation is therefore pathetic.However, it is also a fact that even those from the higher strata of society are also physically suffering and seeking alternative ways to address their health concerns.

AMWC thus aims to be a model wellness center which is open to anyone, even those outside the Philippines who are looking for a reliable method of treatment and recovery. AMWC is ready to serve all who are in need of help, rich or poor.


To enable people to

  • cure themselves through a system of natural therapy without dependency on medicines
  • become physically fit, mentally relaxed and fully conscious individuals
  • overcome problems caused by excess fat, stress and disease in general
  • learn new healthy systems of eating, exercise, drinking water and harmonious thought

To learn more please visit the website of our wellness center: www.amwellness.org

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